Dianne and David Barnes came to me with a vision of an arboretum around their new home. I had a very clean slate as there were no plants on this property to start with. They were smart enough to call me before the builder had done any of the landcscaping. The master plan on this project was extensive and we began with the stonework and walks around the home. Careful emphasis was placed on views from the windows and axis in the garden as well as the flow from one outdoor room to another. We phased in the planting across the property and still have more to go. The outstanding 'bones' of this landscape make it beautiful in both winter as well as summer. Dianne and David's good taste and trust makes this one of my favorite projects. It is amazing to walk this property.

"We love our yard!!! EVERY single day, David walks the yard to see how the plants are progressing and, to reap the rewards of all the hard work! He gets such pleasure in making the plan a reality! A huge benefit of working with you was having you supervise the initial design and planting and leaving us with a plan that we could continue to implement as our budget allows!"
David and I both comment constantly, about how wonderful it is to look out every window, to view our yard "art". Your artistry and vision, helped us create a beautiful view to enjoy 365 days a year!!!! I was at a party this weekend and one of the ladies told me that our yard was gorgeous and, her favorite in the neighborhood!!!!

Thank you Lelaneia!!
– Dianne Barnes