"When I decided to
re-landscape the yard a few years ago, luckily, I found Lelaneia! Lelaneia’s knowledge of perennial plants and talent in design was exactly what the doctor ordered! Now, our yard is truly the talk of the neighborhood, and I can’t wait for spring to see all my “babies” poking their heads out of the ground! I’m inspired every day when I look out the window and drive in from work."

– Stacey Doan
Stacey Doan is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet, and her bubbly personality is infectious. She wanted to redo the front and side yard of her colonial split level home, and she wanted lots of color and variety. We needed to face lift the aging cement stairs to the front door and I suggested a composite decking over the steps with an arbor. We kept the retaining wall and added bedding space that we filled with many of her favorite plants as well as a focus on four season color. We added a large birch grove to the side to break up the direct view into the more private space of the back gardens. With lighting fixture changes, and a bench and decorative urn/sundial entryway the front of this home was updated and made inviting for relatively little investment. Stacey regularly gets letters in her mailbox on what a lovely home she has, and would she be willing to sell. The answer, every time, is "No way!"