I was lucky enough to be brought onto this project before the house was built. I helped to place the house with particular attention to adding a more interesting driveway as well as minimize the building's impact on the property . Barbara Smiley wanted a garden that matched her saltbox reproduction, that would not be too stark and would incorporate many of the plants she grew up with. Our first meeting was amazing in that we came up with the basic plan of the garden and did not deviate from it too much over the five years it took to make this garden. We started with the tapestry hedge along the property line to get the plants started. Then we went around the house and completed section by section: both the hardscape and the plantings being installed in one season. Barbara's clarity of vision and willingness to do it right makes this garden an outstanding jewel in my portfolio. This garden was selected for the Manchester Garden Club's "Through the Garden Gate" garden tour June 20th, 2009. (see News)

"Put simply, Lelaneia is a true artist. She has incredible skill around color and dimension. She also has the ability to balance her creative nature to the practicalities of cost, maintenance time and site realities, such as pest problems like deer. She has made my garden a true showplace of beauty and enjoyment."

-Barbara Smiley